Taleisin Wanderer V jack woods marine art seapainting

Taleisin & Wanderer V

Painting: Oil on Board
91 x 61cm

The painting depicts two famous cruising couples meeting in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand in 1985.

Larry and Lin Pardey cruised the world initially in the 24 ft Seraffyn and then in the 30 ft Taleisin of Victoria, whilst Eric and Susan Hiscock similarly cruised widely over a forty year period in various yachts which were all called Wanderer. Both couples have written books of their voyages and sailing techniques.

In 1985 the two boats and cruising couples met off the Bay of Islands and Lin Pardey described the history of this meeting in her September 2009 newsletter.

More than 24 years ago, Larry and I sailed to New Zealand to rendezvous with Eric and Susan Hiscock. We had used their books as inspiration when we fitted out Seraffyn. Over the course of Seraffyn’s eleven year circumnavigation we had the privilege of meeting Eric and Susan in four different countries. When we went back to build Taleisin, an enjoyable correspondence grew. Then when launch date came Eric wrote, “Of course you’ll sail down here and show us this new boat.” It took us almost two years of enjoyable cruising before we made it to the Bay of Islands in the north of New Zealand.

The Hiscocks arrived two days later having just sailed Wanderer V across the Tasman Sea from Sydney, Australia (Eric was 77, Susan 73). The reunion was lovely. “Plan on staying in New Zealand for the winter too,” Susan told us. “That way you’ll get to really know how nice it is to sail around here.” She and Eric then marked our charts with their favorite anchorages.  

The painting was based on photographs that Lin kindly provided of both yachts which I then developed into the sailing scene, with the approaching rendezvous between the two boats.

This art site also includes paintings of the Pardey’s Seraffyn and the Hiscock’s Wanderer II and Wanderer III. There is a wide range of information about the Pardeys on their website.

Specifications Taleisin of Victoria
Designer – Lyle Hess
Builders – Larry and Lin Pardey
Length on Deck 29’6″
Beam 10’9″
Draft 5’3″
Sail Area 740 sq ft
Engine None – used 14 ft ash sweep for sculling

Specifications Wanderer V
Designer – Alan Orams
Builder – Orams Marine – Whangarei
LOA 39’6″
LWL 33’6″
Beam 12′ 3″
Draft 5′ 3″
Engine Yanmar 20 hp diesel

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