The Marine Art of Jack Woods | Marine Artist | Melbourne, Australia
Lighthouse marine art jack woods seapainting fishing boat night

Lighthouse “A Guiding Light”

Acrylic on Board
46 x 35 cm

This painting was specifically focused on an exhibition theme of Lighthouses. Having spent many hours at sea, where we relied on lighthouses to assist with our navigation, my aim was to depict their importance, particularly for small vessels, in earlier years, and prior to the many electronic aids which are now available to navigators.

Stad Amsterdam

Stad Amsterdam

Oil on Canvas Board
60 x 45cm

The painting depicts the Stad Amsterdam sailing back to Williamstown from Geelong in 2010

I had sailed out to meet the Stad Amsterdam and other tall ships when they arrived in 2010 and I took a series of photos of the vessels as they sailed up the bay and docked at Williamstown, where they were open to the public, and they also provided day trips in the Bay. The scene is how I pictured the clipper ship with a fairly full set of sails coming back from Geelong. Also refer to the painting of Williamstown Docks 2010 for another view of this beautiful ship.

Stad Amsterdam – Specifications
Hull Steel
LOA 76m
Length Deck 60.5m
Beam 10.5m
Draught 4.8m
Sail Area 2200sqm – 31 Sails
Mast Height 46.2m
Displacement 1083 tonnes
Launched in 2000

Rahna gale nz seapainting jack woods

Rahna – New Zealand

Oil on Canvas Board
12 x 16 inch

The painting depicts the 26 ft timber ketch Rahna sailing past The Poor Knights Islands en route to Auckland in 1971

I sailed on Rahna with three other crew members from Melbourne to New Caledonia and then to New Zealand arriving in December 1971. Whilst sailing between Poor Knights Islands and the NZ coast at around midnight, we encountered gale force winds, which hadn’t been forecast, with winds reported in excess of 80 knots. We sailed under bare poles with deadlights covering all the windows, until just before dawn, when we were able to set our ‘nappy’ jib which provided steerage in the moderating winds which still remained above 40 knots for most of the day.

The specifications on Rahna are detailed under the separate post of Rahna at Lord Howe Island

A Moving Piece

Oil on Canvas Board
8 x 10 in

carcassonne jackwoodsart

Carcassonne Doorway

Acrylic on Canvas Board
10 x 12 in

Enterprize jackwoodsart


Oil on Canvas Board
11 x 14 in

A former crew member on the tall ship Enterprize. Allan could always be relied on to deal with any maintenance issues and to help furl the topsails during heavy weather

backwoodsart Enterprize


Oil on Canvas Board
11 x 14 inch
[Private Collection]

A past tall ship Enterprize crew member and good friend

Akaroa Harbour

Acrylic on Board
14 x 18 in

Painted following a trip to this peaceful harbour in New Zealand

Steam Controls

Oil on Canvas
41 x 51 cm

The steam controls on Loco Gertie L508 in Shanty Town, New Zealand

Green Fields marine art RAAF

The Green Fields

Oil on Linen Board
60 x 45 cm

I painted this scene as a tribute to my uncle, RAAF Flight Sergeant Jack William Woods who died in England as a result of a training accident, whilst piloting a Wellington, when an engine failed whilst landing. He was 23 years old.

After arriving in England for the training Jack penned a letter to his parents which included the following sentiments.

Usually my imagination paints too rosy a picture of something I am looking forward to, but England was, if anything even more beautiful then I expected. The beautiful green of the meadows, the soft artistic shape of the trees, the thatched roofs of neat little farm houses, the grand homes of country gentlemen, the sparkling streams – the hedges instead of fences to divide the fields – they all lend a little to the whole beauty of the country.

It gave me a strange feeling as I first passed through this country – I felt proud of England and that this land was something worth fighting for.