Stad Amsterdam

Stad Amsterdam

Oil on Canvas Board
60 x 45cm

The painting depicts the Stad Amsterdam sailing back to Williamstown from Geelong in 2010

I had sailed out to meet the Stad Amsterdam and other tall ships when they arrived in 2010 and I took a series of photos of the vessels as they sailed up the bay and docked at Williamstown, where they were open to the public, and they also provided day trips in the Bay. The scene is how I pictured the clipper ship with a fairly full set of sails coming back from Geelong. Also refer to the painting of Williamstown Docks 2010 for another view of this beautiful ship.

Stad Amsterdam – Specifications
Hull Steel
LOA 76m
Length Deck 60.5m
Beam 10.5m
Draught 4.8m
Sail Area 2200sqm – 31 Sails
Mast Height 46.2m
Displacement 1083 tonnes
Launched in 2000

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