Fair Dinkum_seapainting jack woods marine art

Fair Dinkum

Painting – Acrylic on Board
33 x 24.5cm

This is a wooden double ender that took my eye when it was up on the slips at the Sandringham Yacht Club in 2003. Two years later I saw it moored at Docklands on the Yarra River with a ‘For sale’ sign on the side.

Update 2009. The current owner of Fair Dinkum has contacted me and provided further information on his yacht and planned voyage around
Australia to raise money for the National Stroke Foundation. Further information on the voyage can be found at www.fairdinkumyachting.com


Design: Colin Archer
LOA 45ft
LWL 27’6″
Draft: 6′ 2″
Weight 10.5 tons

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